Online Marketing – The Basics

To build a successful business, you need a good foundation in which to work from.  Our experts can help you build that foundation with online marketing.

You need to understand the basics of how the internet works, how to gain better visibility, and know your way around the different algorithms used in successful online marketing.  The difficult part is those algorithms change, as does the complexity of online marketing.

Every year seems to bring new challenges for businesses to stay on top in the online realm.  We have the knowledge and know-how to get you through the process.

Here are a few basics:

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is the first process online marketers learn.  When you search for a certain topic on Google or any other search engine, you get a hit because of certain keywords used.  The better the keywords (or SEO words), the greater the chance your page has at being on the first page, which is essential for online business.  We will show you how to use SEO to get a better handle on becoming more visible in the search engines.  95% of searchers will click on an option on that first page, so SEO language is important.

Content Marketing has been around a very long time.  It has been shown that companies that release their own custom publications, the more trust is gained with their customers.  The trend began back in 1895 when John Deere released an agricultural magazine The Furrow, which helped him sell his products.  Other companies like Michelin followed suit with automotive tips and Jell-O with a book on recipes you can use with their product.

The downside to content marketing is the quality of the material produced.  Bad writing and low quality content can turn potential customers and clients away and make your business appear unprofessional.  Proper content marketing can be the very first impression they see.  That’s why you need a professional company like us with skilled writers who knows the ins and outs of content marketing.

Conversion Rate Optimization, also known as CRO, works by designing a page that creates an experience for visitors to increase their changes converting that visitor into a customer.  CRO was born when internet marketers needed to figure out which tactics worked and which ones didn’t when it came to drawing in visitors and turning them into a valuable customer.  This could include looking at which website layouts worked, content, keywords, images, and/or any format that improved their chances of converting.

Google AdWords allow advertisers to add a brief description (copy) to their ads and compete with other ads based upon keywords that gets shown to users.  This then allows those users to decide if they want to seek more information about the page.  AdWords have become Google’s number one source of income, bringing in over $43 billion in 2012, as advertisers pay and compete with each other for the ability to be featured on the first page results.

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