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Core Services – at a Glance


  • Virtual & Dedicated Servers

    With internet technology advancing in today’s society , more SMB’s are moving onto the cloud and deploying their network on a hosted server remotely.

  • Hosted Mail Exchange

    Synchronize your work across all your tablets, mobiles, computers and have access to it anytime from anywhere.

  • Carrier Services

    Talk more for less, anywhere with Hosted PBX systems and SIP Lines.

    • Virtual Private Servers

      Manage your private network remotely and sharing your resources between other users. Virtual Private Servers are the perfect alternative to a having physical server setup in your office.

    • Dedicated Servers

      Full server experience without the in-house overheads such as maintenance, extra parts, power and security

    • Cloud-Based Emails

      Business-grade Emailing & Cloud Service. Be more efficient, more collaborative with your colleagues and more secure with Google Apps.

    • Hosted PBX & SIP

      Host your 1300/1800 numbers on the cloud and have them re-directed to your PBX in your office or mobile phone. This is just one action that can be taken with hosted carrier services.

  • Cloud Servers | More Resources. More Control.

    Full server experience without the in-house overheads

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  • Virtual Servers

    • Upgrade & downgrade anytime, as you require.
    • 100% SSD Servers – 100x faster than your standard Drive.
    • Semi-Managed Servers.
  • Dedicated Servers

    • Easy Web Access via SSH, Remote Desktop or VPN.
    • Full Hardware Warranty Guaranteed for 3 Years.c
    • Flexibility – Choose your specifications and configuration.
  • Cloud Emails

    • Working on the go from any device
    • Saving Time with Scheduling Tools
    • Collaborate & Sharing Work files

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