What is the Cloud?

Perhaps you keep hearing about a type of software referred to as ‘the cloud’ but have no idea what it is.  Typically, when you save data, it’s either on a disk and/or on the computer itself.  When you use the cloud, you are instead saving that data on the internet.

There are a variety of different companies who use the cloud as their main point of service.  They are streaming companies like Netflix and Amazon, as well as programs such as Microsoft Office 365 that lets you save your work to the cloud for safe keeping.  We will show you how you can also use the cloud for all your storage and safe-keeping needs.

Anywhere in the world with an internet connection, you can find your saved work, which is perfect for sensitive documents and if you do a lot of traveling.  All the games, photos, documents, videos, and software you have can be put on the cloud and accessed from anywhere.

You may have already used cloud services if you’ve used Apple iCloud, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, Yahoo Mail, Flickr, and Google Drive.  The opportunities for your business are literally endless and we can show you how to keep better, more secure records without filing more paperwork.

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